Saturday, July 30, 2011


While staying with my parents is a life rich in stocked fridges, direct TV, and childhood memories, I can't help but long to build a little nest of my own. I want to hang my own knick knacks and spread out the creative projects that tickle my whim, and curl up with a book in a beautiful space all my own. And lucky me! I'm moving into my own lovely little two bedroom the first of the month! 

Source: Valspar

The colors above are my palate. I'm going for light creamy pastels, colors that harken to sweet fairy tale cottages or maybe even Marie Antoinette's bedroom. But I also want to set it off with plenty of rough wood and charmingly chipped paint... I want a shabby chic kind of rustic little grandma's country home. I picture mason jars, kerosene lamps, gingham, burlap, pastel quilts, dusty old books, birds nests, maybe some iron horse shoes or even an animal skull adorned with daisies? You know, rustic... but feminine and comfortable. And bookish. If you don't know what I mean, look at the images from my Pinterest inspiration board:

The site Pinterest has been so awesome for letting me collect inspiring image for this project. If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's basically a virtual bulletin board. You come up with a topic, and then you collect images from other pinterest users or ANY website using a little bookmark thing. You can see my home decor inspiration board here. Almost all of my images are from pinterest or Etsy.

Now my only question is........ how to I put it all together??

WearingRacerback tank:Aerie
Sports shirt (underneath): REI
Denim lace trim skirt: China
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC

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