Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tooth ache teacher

Is this sweater with the little doll stamps slightly too precious? I asked myself this question before shrugging and pulling it on anyway. I don't typically wear clothing with graphics, especially overly saccarine ones that might increase the youthfulness of my appearance... I need no help looking ten years younger. But some mornings, sweet little doll sweaters are the only thing that will do!



Vintage doll-stamped sweatshirt from Clothing Warehouse Warehouse
Blouse underneath from a free clothes pile in college
Blue corduroys frommmmm... H&M??
Outdoorables by Daniel Green vintage ankle boots
Antique socks from Dodie's Antiques in Sylva, NC

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

springtime in the winter

I don't wear a lot of these straight-up vintage dresses anymore, but these warm springy February days just seem to scream out for them! This sweet little violet number was purchased in Austin, Texas several years ago (here I am wearing it in 2009!). I fell in love with the big peter-pan collar and the subtle tribal print, the latter of which makes it kinda perfect for this day and age considering the tribal craze going on! All the more reason to give this dress another outing in the sun. I try to keep from being too costume-y by pairing it with my ole faithful lace-up military boots. 

These kinds of dresses exist for simplicity; throw them on with a ribbon for a belt and you are well outfitted for lunch dates with lovely sisters and mothers. These photos were taken right outside of Leon's Full Service in Down Town Decatur. Eat their french fries. Right now. Do it.


Vintage 50's dress from Austin, Texas
Gray tights
Lace-up military style boots from Underground Atlanta
Mustard cardigan bought in China
Tapestry clutch from thrift store.
Ribbon for belt and in hair.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bunny Through the Mirror

I'll never have my portrait drawn in human form again! I have a thing for bunnies, so naturally when I discovered the tumblr blog Bunny Through the Mirror, I was an instant follower and fan. It's full of original sketches of an assortment of things, but mostly preciousness and of course, bunnies. And how fortunate that its creator, Luiza, is both talented AND sweet. She gladly indulged me when I half-seriously requested she interpret me as a bunny. Needless to say I was tickled pink!

Recognize the inspiration??



Stop by her tumblr and her Deviant Art page! I'm sure if you ask nicely, she'll draw you as a sweet little bunny, too.

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