Friday, July 15, 2011

Mexican prints for summer

Something that did not change in China: Georgia Summers are freakin hot! So I've eschewed structured clothing and opted for nice flowing breathable pieces like this simple top from Love Culture. I went through a hippie stage in High School and never imagined I'd be going back, but I am just loving these Native American esque prints I'm seeing around.... it makes me want to buy one of those Mexican wool blankets (zarapes) and decorate my new apartment with cow skulls and dream catchers on my walls.

Image source: Mex and the City

I'm not the only one who is in this mood. One of the only things I've posted on tumblr to go "viral" (I might be using that term loosely) is this "Aztec Pastel fabric leather backpack" I found on Black Luna's flickr. It has over 4,000 notes on it, which, even though it's not MY backpack, still instills me with a little ridiculous pride.

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