Monday, November 28, 2011

the only thanksgiving dress you'll need

Nice and baggy, yet made of warm chocolate corduroy, it has to be my favorite dress. And I'm a woman of many dresses. I have to practice restraint not to wear it several times a week; It's perfect for every day, all the time, even sleeping. Feeling a little chunky, or planning to after a thanksgiving feast? Well, it's perfect for that occasion too.


This dress is one of the few not-dirt-cheap things I bought for myself in China. I did most of my shopping at places you can barter, little shops or stands where I'd spend something like 50-70RMB for a dress (7-10USD). The dress above, however, I bought in a shopping mall, at this ultra cute girlie shop called Honey. It was more like... 200RMB (30USD). I LOVED the clothes at Honey. They were always very feminine, yet kind of dust-bowl farm girl looking. Unfortunately, they were also expensive in Chinese prices. I brought home 2 pieces by them, but drooled over dozens.

Here it is in action this Thanksgiving...

          Sitting with the lovely sister                                       helping to cook by stirring that for 5 seconds. 

I hope your meals were as tasty, and your waistlines as forgiving as mine were this year! Thanks for all the comments on my last post. You lovely readers and your inspirational blogs are some of the things I counted among my blessings this holiday. <3

P.S. Does anyone know anything about Honey? I can't find a website. The tag on the dress says "Cinema Club" but all I can find in searches is this Chictopia post.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wonderfully witchy

How I love to wade in a sea of fabric all day! Oversize scarf, oversize sweater, loose cotton dress... It makes me feel wonderfully witchy when paired with my lace-up boots. I can hide in these safe folds and spy on the outside world as much as I please. I'm still a young witch, though, so I make sure to remember my gold leopard leggings.

Leggings and boots: Underground Atlanta
Dress: H&M (in China)
Oversize cardigan: Stolen from mom
Oversize scarf: bought in France
The boots and leggings are both from shops in Underground Atlanta which I feel really bad for not knowing the exact names of. I know UA might seem rough around the edges or too touristy and cheesy, but I swear by their accessories and shoes! Ghetto fabulousness is still fabulous; they always have that little bit of sparkle you're looking for, and so cheap! I can't vouch for the quality of everything, but these leggings are going on their third season with me... and being a member of my wardrobe is no gentle experience.


As a "teacher" outfit (this distinction is beginning to fade), these clothes fulfilled all my requirements: Comfortable, modest, and fun... As a teacher of small ones, you WILL have your clothes pulled on, you WILL be occasionally groped, and you WILL spend much of your day squatting to talk to short people. You might also get to run around and maybe even climb something if you're lucky. There are many things to worry about throughout the day, and inadvertently flashing one of these short people shouldn't be one of them. I'd love to wear pencil skirts, but not here I'm afraid; I'm bag lady all the way!


Georgians-- How amazing is this 76 degree weather for Thanksgiving?? Everyone else-- Hope you're finding your own special ways to stay cozy and content this week. XOXO

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall is not just for leaves

Photo taken by M of Good Day Sunshine

Wore my yellowest of yellow skirts and happened upon this pretty sea of petals. I love when nature decides to compliment my outfits. My friend took this with her iphone which I hardcore covet; I need instagram. She has other really adorable pictures on her new blog, Good Day Sunshine, which I recommend looking at if you like babies, beer, and being in a super good mood! 

Happy Saturday! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Plain jane

Oversize Lacoste: Thrifted at Clothing Warehouse warehouse
Sweatpant jeggings: Festivity
Bow, circle scarf, slipper shoes: China

Yet another frumpy chic teacher outfit.

On mornings when you awake with swollen eyelids and a general need for comfort, reach for the faux glasses and the big slipper shoes. Oversize Lacoste sweaters will keep you cozy and ready to play polo at a moment's notice. Drink plenty of tea and practice calming breathing exercises. Stretch aching thigh muscles often. Count banana colored leaves on the playground. Count blessings. Repeat.

I love this gigantic bow my chinese BFF gave me for my birthday. I'm not sure it's as acceptable in America for a woman in her 20s to wear such a childish accessory, but sometimes I just can't resist. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Gray skirt: Dug up from storage; I think it was a Clothing Warehouse Warehouse find.
Boots: Underground ATL
Crop top and scarf: China
Crochet knee socks: Target 

I'm beginning to see the small results of yoga and kung fu; once touching my toes was a distant fantasy and now I reach them with ease. And balancing on one foot has become an activity that can last more than a few seconds. I hope this balance will spill out into other aspects of my life; i.e. MY APARTMENT.

One wonderful thing about having all my old clothes dug up from storage is access to old favorites. This gray skirt with its bell shape and deep pockets has more structure than I am accustomed to wearing lately, but structure is just what I need. It's a bit of my old self paired with a bit of my new self, a crop top purchased in China. Voila: Balance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

comfort in chaos

Oh yes, that mess is real. And it is in my living room. TONS of vintage clothes and other junk from my parent's attic that has finally outstayed out its lease. Guess what's in the brown paper bag? Yeah, more clothes. In times like these, I find serenity in chamomile and mom's homemade pumpkin bread and apple butter and my most faithful of comfortable moccasins. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Frumpy Chic

I've been calling my style "frumpy chic" since high school, though I must admit there's always been a stronger lean in the "frumpy" direction. I get a little flak for it at work, as some of the older teachers like to tease me for my giant ugly sweater collection. I just brush my one-exposed shoulder off.

Pink granny sweater: Salvation Army on Marietta St.
Boots; Underground ATL
Striped maxi dress: China
Ruffle scarf: Festivity in Virginia Highlands
Shades: Found in old costume box in school basement ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enter the Tiger

It's no secret I miss China. Well, in a spontaneous fit of nostalgia, I did something a little crazy: I signed up for KUNG FU!! I got in the mood for my first official lesson yesterday by wearing this badass tiger sweater. Tiger is one of the 5 animals kung fu movements are based on, chosen by the Shaolin monks for its power, strength, and courage. I hope challenging myself to do kung fu will bring out these qualities in myself. Why not begin with knitwear that reveals my intentions? Though this sweater and these ramblings also probably reveal that I am a nerd.

More proof:

Oversize tiger sweater: Salvation Army on Marietta St.
Boots: Underground ATL
Jeggings: H&M

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Open Door November

Thank you, Atlanta, for being a city where a slightly exposed midriff is perfectly feasible in early November. Thank you for chilling the leaves enough to set them ablaze in color, while warming my afternoons for wide-open doors and fresh breezes. Someone told me that wispy clouds in the sky signal a coming frost. So I suppose this is both a thank-you and a goodbye. I love you, Atlanta Indian Summer <3

(Blogging can be hard and uninspiring without a good camera, which accounts for my unimpressive image quality and sporadic updates lately... Thank you all for continuing to read and leave your sweet comments! Just a few more weeks til I make a grand investment that should improve this blog a thousand fold!)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Knitiful -- the hem, the boots, the knit

A teacher outfit featuring some of my favorite things this chilly season: Long hemline with tall boots, knits, scarves. I found this long yellow skirt at a church garage sale in Cincinnati amongst wide brimmed hats and bold costume jewelry galore.

Crayon yellow skirt
long as a giraffe's neck and
warm like easy mac.



Knit skirt from Cincinnati church yard sale
Lace up boots from Underground Atlanta shop
Old gray shirt
Knit vest given to me by a friend
faux fur circle scarf from China
It certainly is pitiful the way I use our class camera to sneak pictures of my clothes during down time. When dressed in shoulder-to-ankle knit, I guess that makes me knitiful (I deserve to lose some readers for that one). Stay cozy this weekend!

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