Monday, January 30, 2012

lbvd - little black velvet dress

I love everything about this little black velvet dress from Festivity... particularly the part where I got it for 20% off! It has the sweetest little shape with an open back and exposed zipper.  The only thing wrong with it? Not enough occasions to wear it. 

Playing with color is fun with a black dress, so I paired it with my favorite shade of lavender lace bra and green tights. A Chinese friend gave me the latter straight from her shop, deeming the hue "unacceptable" to Chinese girls. Fine by me! 

Velvet dress from Festivity in Virginia Highlands
Lavender lace bra from American Apparel 
Green tights from China
Golden snitch necklace, gift from my sister
Black bracelet from a friend's give-away pile.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

twinkle nail

Just another weird little manicure by yours truly. This one is done in a pearly pale pink, with just a dash of fairy dust on the ring finger. This combo makes me feel kind of princessy and feminine, and I firmly believe sparkles add a wintry loveliness to EVERYthing. 

I used "Skin Food" brand polish (from Korea) for the pink base, and Essie "Set in Stones" for the accent nail. I'm finding it hard to paint my nails without at least a touch of the latter these days.  What's your favorite winter nailspiration?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my heart runneth over-- teacher outfit

I'm going to sound like such a sap, but did you know I have the best job ever? In my world, one must dress prepared for impromptu dance parties and sneak-attack hugs. And sometimes a combination of the two. Today was one of those days I thought my heart was going to leap straight out of my chest and swallow everyone up, it was so full of love. How fitting that I wore my dorky little patchwork hearts sweater on such a day! To accompany it, the pants I can only describe as "sweatings", a chimera of jeans and sweatpants offering the necessary freedom of movement for Russian dance kicks and squatting low to boogie with small ones. Hope you all found something to love today <3

Patchwork hearts knit sweater from Last Chance Thrift Store
Sweatings/jeggings/pants from Festivity
Boots from Underground Atlanta
Collared blouse (underneath) free from university give-away pile.
Brown ribbon in hair.

Monday, January 16, 2012

lana in lace

Lace has been "in" for awhile, but I was reminded why when I saw Lana Del Rey perform on SNL this Saturday. I  had never heard of her before, but her old Hollywood glamour and pouty lips immediately got my attention. Her songs were not my usual thing, but they were interesting: more like poems. Anyway, if the music was a little sappy, I didn't care because I was staring at the yards of gorgeous lace trailing just-so to the floor. It was like watching a 40s era diva... minus Judy Garland's pipes.  See her on SNL here.

Did anyone else catch Saturday Night Live the other day? What did you think of Lana?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ellis island chic

I think I need to take it more seriously when my outfits inspire comments like "You're looking very Russian Immigrant today." I'm the first to admit that I can't resist a long hemline, or that wrapping a scarf around one's head sounds like a perfectly acceptable way to keep warm to me... but I should probably be mindful that I am treading on dangerous ground when I throw fingerless gloves into the mix. All I can really say when faced with all this logic is, whateva. Babushkas can be hot. And these clothes just happen to be perfect for chasing down children all day. Russian grannies know wussup!

Russian immigrant sisters at Ellis Island circa 1906 (source) and myself circa 2012. Ok I am beginning to see the resemblance...



Hat and dress (worn as shirt) bought in Korea
Skirt: Vintage, I think bought at Clothing Warehouse warehouse
Thrift store tights
Minnetonka fringe trampers
Fingerless gloves a gift from my ma

Friday, January 6, 2012

back to blizzards

Okay, there weren't exactly BLIZZARDS greeting me upon my return to Atlanta... but after being in Florida for two weeks, that's kinda how it felt! So I had to bundle up. Sweet cheap accessories of Asia, I thank you for aiding me in this time of need.




Hat bought in Seoul, Korea.
Glasses from Sears??
Angora granny sweater from a thrift store. Can't remember which one!
Boy's shirt (worn underneath) given to me by someone at school.
Drop crotch pants, fur collar, fingerless gloves all bought in China.
Minnetonka fringe moccasin boots.

These are my numba one stunna pants. I haven't photographed them much before, but I will confess they are rarely absent from my weekly rotation. I bought them in China and they have been my go to lazy-pants every season since. I love the drop crotch and the droopy pockets and getting to feel a bit like a genie. They can be worn to yoga, or paired with some boots for a cool, militaristic running around town look. Basically, they're perfect.

The moccasins were a gift to myself in Florida. I know, it's perfectly normal to buy some eskimo looking boots while visiting a tropical wonderland. Whatever. Minnetonka shoes are something I plan to continually wear to shreds for the rest of my life. Do you have any "old faithful" garments like that?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

big bling 2012 / why all my friends should have style blogs

The supply of possible New Years plans seemed limitless this year, but somehow the decision was finally made to spend the eve at Stankonia Recording Studio, a cool little spot in the West End owned by none other than Atlanta's famous hip-hop duo, Outkast; The event boasted an open bar and a champagne toast at midnight, for no small fee of $35 in advance, $50 at the door. This probably had visions of Long Island Iced Teas and partying with hip hop legends dancing through our heads, but these dreams were quickly squashed. 

The bar was packed with thirsty desperate party-goers, with a selection offering no better than the grungiest of chest-hair sprouting tequila... straight up. Forget you ever learned the word "Patron" and forget about a chaser. Morale was low over by the kegs as well, where a sad ever-lengthening line resembled the DMV more than a chic Atlanta party spot. And surprise surprise, at midnight, no Moet did it rain.

It hardly mattered. I was too busy tearing up the dance floor with my bests to notice the absence of champagne. Thank goodness the music was good and I was in the best possible company! Inability to get a cab towards the wee hours even turned out to be a blessing, as we found ourselves standing directly across from Big Boi himself! What a badass. I take it as a good omen for 2012. Big Boi at least guaranteed we started our year on a high note ;)

I only took the one crappy cell phone pic at the actual event. So instead, enjoy a slew of photos from our pre-party! Isn't it ridiculous that these girls don't have their own fashion blogs?? The tall blonde in the amazing technicolor dress and the girl with the super cute braided up-do both have wonderful tumblrs you should check out. Anyone's Road and Florence Alan, respectively.







Festivity blouse
Lace ruffle shorts from China
Sparkle tights from China
Wedges from Underground Atlanta
Vintage broach
Gifted bracelet
Hornet ring from Fort Myers

Big Boi also made sure to wear his gold and glitter this NYE ;) 

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