Monday, August 1, 2011

learning to walk again

My sister is getting married in the Fall, and as a bridesmaid, I am required to wear some black shoes. At first I bought some very charming little rouched flats in China, but my sister didn't seem to like them. She hinted at this ever so politely with the question "Are you sure you won't feel left out as the only one in flats?" Hint taken. So when I saw THESE beauties on sale for $15 at Lulu in Little Five Points, I snapped them up. They are Bamboo brand platforms with a super chic scale-like sheen.

Issues: I admire so much all the bloggers and fashionistas who never seem to bat an eye at wearing heels to scurry over any terrain (Rebecca of The Clotheshorse comes to mind.... what is she doing in such secluded nature preserves in such marvelous heels? And why does she look so good doing it?)  But I myself feel more comfortable donning flats for on-my-feet days, which seem to be most days.

Basically, if I am gonna rock these Bamboos in September without looking like a baby giraffe learning to walk, I got some practicing to do!

Wish me luck.

P.S. This is the bridesmaid dress. I love it! Certainly a re-wearer and a lovely staple as a LBD, no? Good call, bride-to-be sis.

Source: Maggy London Strapless Bead Bodice Dress at Nordstrom
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