Friday, July 22, 2011

gingham fantasies

I impulsively want to buy this retro Esther Williams swimsuit for $74 dollars. Which I know is crazy when Target has some perfectly fine, if not perfectly gingham, more affordable options (this one at $35).

But the imitation is just not doing it for me! Is it crazy to spend 50 extra bucks just to fulfill some Mary Ann a la Gilligan's Island braided hair and denim wedge beachside fantasy? Someone talk me out of it! Or into it....

edit: Look what just appeared on my tumblr dash!

source: fromme-toyou
The swimsuit is apparently ModCloth's "Cherry Pie" and costs a whopping $90 (pictured below).

Source: Modcloth
Source: ModCloth

Delicious name and of course the styling wins hands down... I'm already adding a straw hat and a basket of blueberries to my fantasy... but the price is making the Esther Williams version even tastier. 

Plus, she's Esther Williams! She is this swimsuit. It feels wrong to go with an overpriced imitation when you can buy from the bathing beauty herself.

Source: flickr
Oh decisions decisions! What would you and your bank account do?

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