Thursday, September 29, 2011

the dress that wore itself

During the rush of the wedding weekend, I had no time to go back to my apartment for a change of clothes before the day-after brunch; (if you're wondering whether all my family does is eat and drink and make merry, the answer is yes).

Luckily I have some of my old vintage dresses still stashed away at my parents' house. I don't wear these 50s silhouettes as much as I used to a few years ago, but every now and then, it's just what the doctor ordered. This extremely light cotton dress was always one of my favorites, found in a vintage store in Cincinnati. I threw it on along with my new favorite wedges and voila. Instant brunch-wear. 

50s shirtwaist dress
Wedges from Underground Atlanta
Do you like my monogramed tote? It was our bridesmaid gift from my sister and I am obsessed with it. The pockets on the front and back make it exquisitely perfect. You can also see the charm I won at the previous day's brunch being worn as a bracelet. It's fun to match the decor when you can!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Day -- Outfit Edition

This is what I wore for morning mimosas, hair and makeup, and general madness the day of. I made sure to don my comfiest little dress and a good luck charm to ensure a smooth day. It worked!

My necklace is a locket found at a flea market with a feather earring clipped onto the chain. It's one of my favorites at the moment. Guardian angels I can just throw on in the morning! Also, the sparkly Toms were the perfect flat shoe for the occasion: on me and on the bride!

At brunch, we played a game where each bridesmaid pulled a string from under the cake, and received a charm with a fortune. Mine will probably come true any day now.

Jersey dress from Target
Oversize sweater: borrowed (stolen?) from my mom
Sparkly Toms
Tote: Bridesmaid gift
Locket: flea market find

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding Day -- Shoe Edition

Just a quick post because today is my sister's WEDDING DAY!

Some of you may have been following my bridesmaid shoe saga: my mission to learn to walk like an adult in these bamboo heels.  Well having failed to practice, a few weeks ago I lost courage and bought these AMAZING wedges from a shop in Underground Atlanta. They're really tall and easy to walk in and we are virtually inseparable.

Then disaster struck. My poor sister bride fell down some stairs a few weeks before her big day. Thankfully the damage was minimized to a torn ligament, but still. Gone are her dreams of floating down the aisle in sparkly Enzo Angiolini heels. But being the practical bride she is, rather than let it ruin her day, she has opted for the next best thing: Sparkly Toms!

ani gif maker
Ani gif maker

Being the good, sweet, empathic maid of honor I am, a day before the wedding I went out and bought my THIRD pair of wedding shoes. My very own Toms (my first pair). We shall both be walking down the aisle in sparkly humanitarian flat comfortable glory.

Now for yummy bridesmaid brunch at Einsteins in Midtown!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the heidi

Made my first attempt at a hairstyle I've been fawning all over since last summer: The romantic, chic, playful, sweet, perfect Heidi braid. My hair isn't as long as would be ideal, but with the help of these two youtube tutorials (the second by fellow blogger Aya of Strawberry Koi), I managed it.

This one is really good and makes a super pretty braid, but my hair wasn't quite long enough to start the braid low and close to the nape of the neck like she directs. Tips I did take: Braiding a bit more loose and messy, using your fingers to loosen up the hair at the scalp, using your finger as a braid-folding tool, pinning down the puffy bit behind the ear when done. (I actually just discovered she has a pretty amazing blog, too, which I intend to follow here).

This video by Aya is also really good, especially if you have shorter hair. She shows you how to start the braid closer to your ear and gives good tips on the best types of bobby pins.

It took me about 4 tries and 45 minutes to get a heidi braid I am satisfied with, combining wisdom from both of these ladies' generous gift of youtube knowledge. I want to know... how did anyone ever learn to do anything before internet?? Wish I had better pics to share of my final product. Commence Photo Booth parade!

Friday, September 16, 2011

good morning, children

We just completed our 12th day of school, yet this is the first time I am sharing a "teacher" outfit. 
Maybe this is because the first few days I limited myself to a uniform of bermuda shorts, a blouse, and ballet flats. I was eager to make a good impression on parents and coworkers, and I like how these professional looks make me feel so competent and counteract my naturally young looks. But they also kind of bore me after awhile. 

As I'm getting more settled in my school routine, I find myself more confident about expressing myself sartorially. This seems to be a habit of mine when adapting to a new setting, and I don't think it's a bad one; I just keep my weirdness contained while everyone gets to know me, then slowly let it seep out as time progresses!

First thing in the morning, before the hustle and bustle begin.

On the playground, after our busy day.

Later shopping in Underground Atlanta with a friend. Changed into these bridesmaid shoes to force myself to practice. It didn't go well. 

100% thrifted!
Lace blouse: Last Chance thrift store Decatur, GA
High waisted denim skirt: thrift store Franklin, NC
Denim tote: Humane Society thrift store Franklin, NC
Flats: Target brand, thrift store Cincinnati, OH
Ribbon for a belt.
Feather in hair: a playground gift ;)

Thanks to my pal Billie Joy for snapping my pic (except the first blurry timer pic)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

feeling foodie

Maybe I'm hanging out with too many food bloggers, or reading too much Asian Cajuns (who are seamlessly merging their amazing outfit posts with delicious bites around town), but I've had the impulse to photograph my meals lately.

After our strenuous day of beautification at Brock Cassidie, our ever generous mother took my sister and me out to lunch at Anis Cafe and Bistro in Buckhead.

Their outdoor patio combined with refreshing white wine was a thing of perfection this late summer day.

I had a delicious croque salmon with sweet tomato, soft goat cheese, roasted Bermuda onion, and capers. The soup du jour was some yummy squash soup.

Upon hearing it was a special occasion (when is having beautiful wedding-day hair and makeup done not an occasion?), our sweet waitress brought us a much un-needed sampler plate of deserts. The tiny bites of creme brulee were made right in the spoons... they were so good, they didn't survive long enough for a photo!

Friday, September 9, 2011

tumble me 3

Sometimes I look back at my tumblr and the images become just a bare thread of a story beginning in the edges of my subconcious. I love when that happens; to me it's evidence of the inspiration board working its magic on my mind. It's the whole reason I have tumblr!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brock Cassidie

One highlight of a weekend filled with highlights: A visit to Brock Cassidie Salon and a fancy Old Hollywood hairdo to sport all day!  My sister chose this adorable Buckhead salon to ensure beautifully primped bridesmaids on her big day. And lucky me! I got to tag along to the trial run to see what the stylists over at Brock Cassidie are made of. 

First thing to note about the salon is the location: on a side street in Buckhead, where the charming little houses are home to several businesses. 

The interior was equally charming, with lovely little touches of color and whimsy.

Our fearless stylist, Rheanna didn't even bat an eye at the bedraggled state of my hair. 

From "Good Gracious!"

She flung her bobby pins and whipped her curler about, and tamed these unruly strands into gentle, cascading curls. 

To Grace Kelly :)

And my beautiful sister was somehow made even more radient by Rheanna's expert makeup job! I sincerely tried to absorb tips as I watched her, but some things are just a gift. 

We were utterly transformed, and our day was, too! Thanks Rheanna and Brock Cassidie Salon!

Shirt: world's easiest DIY crop top
Skirt: jazz skirt, swapped
flats: China

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