Monday, August 29, 2011

under the weather

Time to put on my silk robe and float around the apartment on a cloud of self pity and Theraflu, pausing to sigh in every room. This is one of the only times I allow myself the shoe normally shunned from my closet: the flip flop. I don't have the energy to get into it now, but let's just say this footwear and I are longstanding enemies. I refuse to wear them. Perhaps out of spite.

Although on the other hand, these I bought yesterday from the Anne Taylor Loft outlet are actually pretty cute (for flip flops). Something about the dainty little detail of a bow allows them to pass my test. It could be the cough syrup talking, but I might even consider wearing these out in public someday.

Until then... Nothing to do now but take self portraits and drink every liquid in the apartment and tell unpacking it will have to wait just a bit longer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

atlanta farm girl daydreams


Did you know there is a place right outside Atlanta where you can live out those fantasies of being a farm girl from another era? (I can't be the only one with this delusion)... It's called Serenbe, and it's complete with rustic barns and an old swingset. As they describe themselves in their twitter profile they're an "1,000 acre sustainable residential community just southwest of Atlanta with organic farm, three restaurants, art galleries and boutiques." The organic farm features goats, an overweight pig, and some unfortunate looking chickens with raw bottoms..  I tried to ignore the featherless bums and pretended I was Fern from Charlotte's web for the afternoon.

I talked to the animals... 

Sat in window seats and read stories...

And of course there was field-running and tree-climbing.

blouse and bow: China
70s prairie skirt: Clothing Warehouse warehouse (East Point, Atlanta)
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC
Clutch: Thrifted in Atlanta
Betsey Johnson shades: Found them in my car... if they're yours just let me know!

lovely sister

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend eating fresh food and wandering down gravel paths with my loved ones. If you want a day off from the city grind, this is a lovely place for a day trip, and even lovelier for a weekend away, I'm sure!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shoe love conquers all

It even conquers my usual thriftiness when it comes to dropping serious dough on unessential items.

Enter: The Lita (by Jeffrey Campbell). I first noticed this mammoth of a shoe on Twitch Vintage's blog here, and they have been dancing through my head like glittery bone-crushing sugar plumbs ever since.

source: solestruck
They come in countless colors and designs, but I like these ones that look like they were made out of an old musty carpet bag. There's something delightfully witchy about them for Fall. My finger is hovering over the trigger button, ready to BUY BUY BUY! But this annoying side of my brain who calls herself Practicality keeps reminding me that they cost over $100 and might not fit in well in a 3rd grade classroom. And I'm saying to her "But But But... there's always weekends and after school and I can always bring a change of flats along with me!"

Oh what to do, what to do?

Monday, August 15, 2011

denim and long, all fall long

I'm looking forward to wearing this calf-length denim dress for Fall. It has pockets; and is of the darkest most loveliest of worn down denims. I envision it as one of my "teacher" outfits for when I start my job as a 1st-3rd grade teaching assistant, layering it with tights and a blouse. Picture playground romps and carpet-sitting with books. Perfection! I found it on Saturday at Last Chance thrift store in Decatur while on the hunt for something completely different... so it goes!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

the shorts, the shoes, the sun

Shorts: thrift store (NC)
Crop top: China
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC
Fray bans: China
Bless you, Floridian August afternoons. I can think of no better way to blow a kiss goodbye to summer than to spend a few days with your oldest friends at the beach (one of whom was kind enough to use her fancy iphone to snap my picture). This is a yearly tradition since high school, and in subtle ways I can see how we've grown! For one, our grocery cart was full of grape tomatoes and whole wheat pasta instead of ramen noodles and frozen pizza. Two, we lathered on 50 spf instead of taking our chances for a tan. And then there was one whole night where we didn't stay out til 4am! What changes will I record in 6 more years I wonder? Do you have any longstanding traditions with your childhood friends?

Monday, August 8, 2011

photo diary of a mountain maiden

Dress: Francesca's
Hat: thrift store in Cincinnatti
Shades: Chinese street market

Breakfast on the back porch: Avocado and heirloom tomato toast.
My mom shares my love of junkyard antiques and thrift stores, so we made it our mission to strike every one!

One man's junk......
Is my treasure! Humane Society Thrift store in Franklin, $30 love seat!

Lunch and iced herbal tea at a vegetarian restaurant in Franklin. Heaven.
A few more treasure sightings...

Then home to ponder my good fortune.
Oh to be a maid
in the mountains every time
the grass is dewey.

Monday, August 1, 2011

learning to walk again

My sister is getting married in the Fall, and as a bridesmaid, I am required to wear some black shoes. At first I bought some very charming little rouched flats in China, but my sister didn't seem to like them. She hinted at this ever so politely with the question "Are you sure you won't feel left out as the only one in flats?" Hint taken. So when I saw THESE beauties on sale for $15 at Lulu in Little Five Points, I snapped them up. They are Bamboo brand platforms with a super chic scale-like sheen.

Issues: I admire so much all the bloggers and fashionistas who never seem to bat an eye at wearing heels to scurry over any terrain (Rebecca of The Clotheshorse comes to mind.... what is she doing in such secluded nature preserves in such marvelous heels? And why does she look so good doing it?)  But I myself feel more comfortable donning flats for on-my-feet days, which seem to be most days.

Basically, if I am gonna rock these Bamboos in September without looking like a baby giraffe learning to walk, I got some practicing to do!

Wish me luck.

P.S. This is the bridesmaid dress. I love it! Certainly a re-wearer and a lovely staple as a LBD, no? Good call, bride-to-be sis.

Source: Maggy London Strapless Bead Bodice Dress at Nordstrom

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