Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Atlanta My Front Door: Adron, Adron, Serenade me On and On

This edition of Atlanta My Front Door is dedicated to the music scene, and to one particular badass must-hear songstress known as Adron.

If you have not already jumped on the Adron bandwagon, you need to give her tunes a listen and catch up already because this is one artist that you have never heard the likes of before. Visit her myspace for a taste, or check out these exclusive free downloads of a few of her songs. Or better yet, if you live in the Atlanta area, come to the Star Bar this Thursday the 29th to hear her FREE and IN THE FLESH.

"The album has an effortless, end-of-summer mood thanks to her upbeat melodies and airy storytelling, creating a collection of songs that drift seamlessly into one another. Adron is an exuberant and original take on folksy songwriting." Bust Magazine by Maytal Akselrad, August 2008.

"Adron’s charming self-titled debut is endearingly comprised of delightful musical idiosyncrasies. Each song is a uniquely wrapped gift of instrumentals, love melodies, and the trivial." Venus Zine By Marcell Minaya, July, 2008.

If that's not badass enough, she's also a crazy artist. She uses tiny little pens to make these intricate weird drawings. Her album was hand drawn (and the script hand written) from her multi-talented strumming fingers.

Creative Loafing wrote about her in July, but I just happen to be lucky enough to have known about her since 9th grade!
Here we are as young tykes back when.

She's always had an awesomely quirky sense of style, but personally I think that lately she has reached her fashion prime with her foxy bright outfits; almost everything she owns is either thrifted, acquired for free, or made by herself. She invented the outfit below, which features the cloud-patterned homemade tube-top (made out of some pajamas) and has matching triangles of fabric on the pants legs making them into sextastic cloud overall bell bottoms. Little genius. I am also very jealous of her beautiful new haircut, or anyone who can pull off an adorable bob for that matter. And to top it all off, the gal's got a smaller carbon footprint than Thumbalina! Not only by eschewing wasteful mainstream fashion by opting for a fully recycled wardrobe, but also by doing something I certainly lack the self-discipline for: living a vegan lifestyle.

Thursday January 29th is the chance for any ATLien to see this red-headed song child make sweet long lasting love to all the notes in the chromatic scale. Adron will be headlining at the Star Bar in Little Five Points this Thursday at 9:00PM, and what's more, it's
FREE!! So stop moping about the dreary weather and get your butts out of the house to see a phenomenal free show.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Old Stuff Fettish Masturbation Material


You know what’s fun? Vintage nudie mags!


This Playboy and Penthouse are from the early eighties, and there is nothing so relaxing and absorbing as opening one up and time traveling to another decade. Something about old magazines really feel like a time portal to the past because it's like you're really looking through the eyes of someone from 1982 and seeing what's new, what's in style, and what is on the collective consciousness' mind.

It’s so easy to get lost in a magazine, looking at the fashion ads, or seeing the way they consider "cutting edge" technology, or even noticing the cultural differences Then vs. Now. It’s too funny. I’m not going to publish any graphic pictures here, but let’s say that those reflected some cultural differences too!

One major cultural difference is the way cigarettes are advertised and considered. Apparently in the early 80's, cigarettes are outdoorsy, athletic, and American!

Newports are like a deep breath of crisp mountain air. Not quite consistent with our modern idea of what breathing in cigarette smoke is comparable to!

There is also a trend of equating tobacco products with nature. Smoking seems to be what healthy active outdoorsy people did.

Equating cigarettes with a love of the outdoors is a bit different from today's idea of environmental bonding, which does not typically involve endorsing major tobacco companies! Apparently Camel is a masculine cigarette, as is Kent (which I've never heard of so I question whether they survived).

Look how healthy and athletic this sexy Rob Lowe lookalike is. First he is going to smoke that cigarette, then he is going to run a half marathon. You should too. Winston seems to be suggesting that smoking is a patriotic experience, and that true salt of the earth hardworking Americans know which brand to choose.


Salem is the brand for cool young healthy fun-loving adults who can simultaneously be attractive, have adventures, and wear amazing ensembles while smoking.


I love this girl’s sweater. I have an eighties sweater kind of like it and this image only makes me want to own ten more in even wilder colors.

As for the fashion, while I used to put my nose up to what I call eightiestastic looks, lately I love it all, and understandably the "Fashion Forecast" from Playboy is completely mouthwatering to me.

Check out this puffed sleeved red blouse! I would wear that in a heartbeat. Not to mention these shoes:

But perhaps my favorite part about pouring over old publications like these is the whole “don’t see that anymore” factor that makes these magazines so much fun. Like men’s fashion for instance. Nowadays I don’t think it’s considered cool for men to contemplate too hard over the shape and style of their underwear nor to be so darn classy and steamy in general! Early eighties idea of pure drop dead sexiness.

And check out this advertisement for boots!! O.J. selling boots? A classic case of "don't see that anymore" fun. This is just bizarre to look at these days... does he have three legs? Just another example of the surprises waiting between the glossy big-haired covers of eighties magazines!

And let's just come out and say that everything involving technology is hilarious. Shiny state of the art cassettes bring me back to my childhood!


And notice how boxy and cumbersome the technologically advanced shapes were... Try to imagine when bulky squareness was the epitome of what new age technology looked like.

And don't even get me started on telephones Then vs. Now.

One of the funniest parts about looking at these magazines are the ads for the newest telephones. Nowadays if it doesn't do your taxes and update your facebook automatically, it can barely be called a phone fit for a pauper. But in 1983, a memory-phone was a shocking innovation!The real question is how many phone numbers did you have memorized in the early 80's (or whenever you were a kid) and how many do you have memorized now that cellphones do all the thinking for you?

Plato thought that literacy was destructive to human intelligence because if we write our history, we no longer have to store it in our minds to remember it for future generations. The more "advanced" we seem, the less advanced we actually become. Apply that to innovations in technology and I think I see Plato's point. The smarter our machines get, the stupider we become... In any case, I'm glad literacy was invented; otherwise we would have been deprived this lovely mini-voyage into an era past that these 1983 artifacts allowed us to participate in!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Outfit for a Busy Day


Scarf: vintage, it has little blue birds on it. Found in Cincinatti.
Shirt: it's actually a knit dress from Macy's worn underneath the skirt-- I need all the extra warmth I can get!
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: thrifted.
Clutch: thrifted.
Coat: Vintage, I got it completely randomly when I stumbled upon a costume sale at a local theatre!

I think there's nothing better for a stressful day than an extra cute outfit. Being on the go for hours is tiring, but what's better medicine for that than embracing the part with a fun cheerful on-the-go outfit?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd of 3rd

Emily from Like Lilly Vintage tagged me to do the Fourth of Fourth game, but I've already done it, so I decided to go ahead for the Third of Third, seeing as three is a magic number and what not.

This picture is from my 21st birthday party, which had an Alice in Wonderland theme. I love themed parties, so I tend to go all out, and this one was no exception. Below you see the homemade "Eat Me" cookies like the ones in the books/movie!

You can also see some of the decorations I had scattered around such as teacups and teapots, and playing cards. I was dressed as a modern day red-headed Alice.

Now I gotta think of a theme for my 22nd birthday! How does Cadillacs on 22s sound?
I tag Dearilu!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new President, compared with an old one

My president is black,
His house is white
The country’s fu’ed up
But he gonna make it right!

Haha, that is my little Young Jeezy inspired rhyme for the day.

And although I know the whole comparison between the Kennedy’s and the Obama’s has been done, in honor of this frickin historic ass day, I am going to rehash it all again here for my own and perhaps your enjoyment!

The Kennedy-Obama Factors:

1. Not since the Kennedy’s has a younger more adorable first family moved into the White House.

Photobucket Photobucket

What is it about an attractive young couple with adorable little children that so effectively captures the attention and affection of the country? There’s just something so American about it all-- picturing a lovely looking traditional well-dressed couple with two bright children and a dog running in the yard… very appealing!



2. Both Kennedy and Obama are “firsts” in the Oval Office; first Catholic in the case of Kennedy, and first non-denominational Christian in the case of Obama. Oh, and plus he’s black, I don’t think that has happened before either...

3. Both Kennedy’s and Obama’s elections mark a shift in the mood of the Nation.

During the post-WWII “fat happy years” of the fifties, we enjoyed wealth and employment and accessible higher education, but with this came a kind of entitled, socially complacent attitude. Electing Kennedy noted that the conformity and materialism of the 50’s was becoming less dominating, and people saw the need for social action and real *shock* CHANGE in the way we live our lives and the way those lives are governed. Kennedy’s “New Frontier” encouraged involvement and started social action organizations such as the Peace Corps.

Obama’s election indicates a similar shift in attitude of the country, rejecting the hands-off wealth-concerned presidency of Bush Jr, and indeed the entire personal gratification seen in politics since Reagan and his Reaganomics. Suddenly the country wants a candidate that promises government involvement in the social and personal sphere.

Perhaps in many cases, we don’t even know what we really want, just that the fresh hopeful face of Barack Obama seems to be it. I wonder when my word processor will accept that name into its dictionary and stop underlining it with red error lines every time I type it. 4. The Classic Michelle and Jackie O Comparison.
Photobucket Photobucket

I would argue that not since Jackie Onassis has a first Lady garnered so much public interest and admiration in her own right. Both women are impeccably stylish, Mrs. Kennedy’s soft spot being for fancy designers while Michelle opts for more conservatively priced albeit equally fabulous wardrobe choices.
Photobucket Photobucket

Jackie O is personally responsible for the popularity of fads such as the Pill Box Hat and the three-quarter length sleeves (the latter of which has enjoyed a comeback recently), and women and designers made a conscious effort to look just like her.
Photobucket Photobucket

If her First-Lady Elect escapades are anything to go by, Michelle O is primed to have a similar impact on the fashion industry and the flow of the fads these coming years. Remember the fuss made about the dress she wore on The View. People are already copying it.
Photobucket Photobucket

Jackie was also an involved First Lady, traveling as a diplomat and pioneering the idea that the government should be an advocate and supporter of culture and the arts. For her part, Michelle has already made it clear that she has a mind and an agenda of her own, and I don’t doubt that she will be a visible, inspiring, and active resident of the White House.
Photobucket Photobucket
Naturally the Obamas are by no means Kennedy clones, so a few key differences exist. I don't know the future, but for optimism's sake, I'll make some projected differences:

1. The Obama marriage is a strong one, and the new administration will lack the notorious affairs and marital bumps in the road seen in the 60’s.

Photobucket Photobucket

2. Despite threats and promises and a certain over-publicized gaffe by Biden, hopefully there will be no big “test” such as the Cuban Missile Crisis for Obama, and if there is, may he handle it with the grace and presence he has shown us thus far.
Photobucket Photobucket
3. And it goes without saying that there is full optimism that Obama will serve EIGHT FULL HEALTHY YEARS and live 500 years after that!!!

Long live our new amazing president, and may this phenomenal feeling being shared in the country right now last.
And was it not adorable the way he stumbled over the words when taking the oath?

Now go and celebrate as you see fit! This is how me and my roommate are spending the afternoon:

Inaugeration Day Outfit!
Shirt: Dalunda from work got it for me from some mysterious source for five dollars. Let's call it atlanta street fashion.
Boots: Thrifted, my roommate's.
Jeans: Dollhouse brand.

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