Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Summer days spent in
back-porch shade with lavender
tea and lemonade.

This maxi dress and crop top combo is very fashionable in China right now. I've Americanized my rendition by adding moccasins and my vintage macrome bag, where a Chinese girl might style it with wedges or even converse all star, and a big square clutch in a lovely bright color. Possibly.

I love the random little "WIS." on the breast pocket. Lots of clothes in China are adorned with "English" words, and I frame that in quotations because they often aren't quite words. Like "WIS.".... what does it mean? Why the period? Is it short for Wisconsin? Or did that combo of letters just look neat to someone?

Dress and top: China
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC
Hat: Thrifted
Bag: Was my ma's
Dog: Belongs to my parents

Ah beautiful back-porch lounging, interrupted only by the occasional trip to walk the dog.
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