Sunday, July 24, 2011

mountain life polaroid series

I have this super cute Fujifilm Instax Mini that I bought in China for around 75 USD. It produces tiny little polaroid prints that are so much fun! It can be a challenge because the viewfinder doesn't show exactly what the camera will photograph, and since the canvas is so small you want to make sure the image is perfectly framed... so that takes some tinkering around... but I really enjoy it! This past weekend I went to the mountains around Cherokee, NC with my family and I used it as an excuse to take some Mountain life themed prints.

I set them up in this vintage cake stand my mom bought, but in my fantasy of being a real photographer in an exhibit somewhere, I envision lining them up on a mini clothesline with mini clothespins and offering the voyeur a big ole' magnifying glass with which to walk along and observe them. I'd surround them with mason jars full of lights that resemble lightning bugs and gingham tablecloths.

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