Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Atlanta My Front Door: Adron, Adron, Serenade me On and On

This edition of Atlanta My Front Door is dedicated to the music scene, and to one particular badass must-hear songstress known as Adron.

If you have not already jumped on the Adron bandwagon, you need to give her tunes a listen and catch up already because this is one artist that you have never heard the likes of before. Visit her myspace for a taste, or check out these exclusive free downloads of a few of her songs. Or better yet, if you live in the Atlanta area, come to the Star Bar this Thursday the 29th to hear her FREE and IN THE FLESH.

"The album has an effortless, end-of-summer mood thanks to her upbeat melodies and airy storytelling, creating a collection of songs that drift seamlessly into one another. Adron is an exuberant and original take on folksy songwriting." Bust Magazine by Maytal Akselrad, August 2008.

"Adron’s charming self-titled debut is endearingly comprised of delightful musical idiosyncrasies. Each song is a uniquely wrapped gift of instrumentals, love melodies, and the trivial." Venus Zine By Marcell Minaya, July, 2008.

If that's not badass enough, she's also a crazy artist. She uses tiny little pens to make these intricate weird drawings. Her album was hand drawn (and the script hand written) from her multi-talented strumming fingers.

Creative Loafing wrote about her in July, but I just happen to be lucky enough to have known about her since 9th grade!
Here we are as young tykes back when.

She's always had an awesomely quirky sense of style, but personally I think that lately she has reached her fashion prime with her foxy bright outfits; almost everything she owns is either thrifted, acquired for free, or made by herself. She invented the outfit below, which features the cloud-patterned homemade tube-top (made out of some pajamas) and has matching triangles of fabric on the pants legs making them into sextastic cloud overall bell bottoms. Little genius. I am also very jealous of her beautiful new haircut, or anyone who can pull off an adorable bob for that matter. And to top it all off, the gal's got a smaller carbon footprint than Thumbalina! Not only by eschewing wasteful mainstream fashion by opting for a fully recycled wardrobe, but also by doing something I certainly lack the self-discipline for: living a vegan lifestyle.

Thursday January 29th is the chance for any ATLien to see this red-headed song child make sweet long lasting love to all the notes in the chromatic scale. Adron will be headlining at the Star Bar in Little Five Points this Thursday at 9:00PM, and what's more, it's
FREE!! So stop moping about the dreary weather and get your butts out of the house to see a phenomenal free show.
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