Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resurrecting Outfits


Sorry for the blurriness, but hopefully you can get the idea!

Sweatshirt: Vintage 80's thrift find.
Jacket: a boutique in NYC
Shorts: Very old, once upon a time they were pants... you know how the life cycle goes.
Tights: Layered, blue lacey ones from Urban Outfitters.
Boots: DSW
Maroon clutch: Vintage.

Lately I've been trying to inspire myself to find ways to wear some stuff that's been in my closet forever, and finding creative ways to be warm without buying anything new. Zombie Lace is all about bringing clothes back from the dead and being fashionable in ways that are as green as the decomposing flesh on a zombie. RECYCLING is one obvious way to be green, and you can recycle the clothes in your own wardrobe! Most of these clothes I've had for a year or even years, and they've been sitting lonely and unworn for months, simply because I'm sick of them or just don't feel inspired by them anymore. But they can be reworked into outfits I haven't even tried, and I'm sure there are articles of clothing buried in your dresser drawers that could be reanimated in much the same way. Rather than run out and spend money you don't have on new stuff that will also come to clutter your closet, you can revitalize the corpses of some old pieces and make a whole new un-dead look!

I find that one also needs creativity to be cute and warm. Maybe it's because I am so unaccustomed to the cold here in the muggy South, but below 40 degrees and I feel like I'm gonna die. I can tell other ATLiens feel the same when I walk outside and see how everyone is bundled and bent against the cold, glaring around as though shocked and personally offended by the wind. It would be easier if it was sooo cooolldd that we really needed the big coats and heavy duty boots and fun winter accessories, but in Atlanta winters all that is really overkill. Where is the happy medium?? It's enough to blow the fashion sense right out of ya!
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