Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Stuff Fettish Masturbation Material

This edition specializes in Reading Materials for those out there who share my Old-Stuff Fettish and need some Masturbation Material!

Figuratively, of course:

How sweet is this vintage Newsweek from 1945?

My dad gave it to me the other day, and it was published only months after the end of WWII. It’s fun to look at the ads and see how saturated in wartime feeling everything is.

If you read the text, it’s an ad from the phone company back when people shared lines and had to wait their turn for operators to place their calls.

The most patriotic and convincing claim it seems advertisers can make is that their product has been “war-tested.”

I love this color picture, it looks and feels like a Norman Rockwell painting, and shows the post WWII attitude towards veterans. Notice the little kid holding a toy airplane, how the soldier is a rosy-cheeked child-loving fresh young hero.

It’s fun to see 1945’s idea of cutting edge technology, like this contraption which is essentially a humongous non-portable tape recorder.

Or this one of a car with automatic drive.
So easy even a woman can drive it!

Naturally I love all of the ads that feature women,

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I especially like the ones that show how during the war years they became incorporated into the work-force.
Photobucket Photobucket

Then there are the celebrity photos which show that even more than 60 years ago, the public still liked to know how the better half live!
The opera/theatre stars turned movie actors, the Polish Jan Kiepura and Hungarian wife Marta Eggert.

Looks like we’ve always been interested in political babies, the Obama girls aren’t the first... What a cute little Netherlands princess.
This is her now:
Aw, she’s still a cute ole lady too.
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