Monday, December 5, 2011

paisley playground

Best job ever? One where your day might include catching a little air on the ole neighborhood swingset. You have to dress prepared for these things! 

I broke my usual pattern of dresses and oversize sweaters to wear some old favorite jeans unearthed in my parents' attic. I modified them into skinnies years ago by sewing up the inner legs, and just recently my knee popped through. That happened to another pair of self-made skinnies too. Weird! As for the shirt, I found it a few months ago at Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur. It's a little like a turtleneck and a lot like a glorious deep ocean of paisley. Expect to see more of it once I figure out more ways to wear it!

Smiling faces blur.
Hi, sky, going up. Hello,
woodchips rushing down.

Dollhouse brand self-converted skinnies
Paisley shirt from Last Chance
Sunglasses found in school basement costume box
Sparkly black Toms.
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