Wednesday, December 14, 2011

nailed it

How about a little gray and gold for the holidays? It's been a while since I've shared one of my silly manicures so I thought I'd go ahead and show you this not-so-great photograph of my latest nail job.

My sister and I were on a sister-date, and we were going to go to our usual haunt, Sugarcoat in VH... but they were full! So we quickly rallied and took our crying cuticles to Midtown Nails where they treated us right. It was more of your typical asian nail place, with a lot of activity and the sound of a TV on in the background, but they were super sweet and did a great job.  A slightly older lady did my hands, and she threw in a nice shoulder rub. Fabulous!! The price is right, and there are plenty of technicians available (is that what you call nail salon employees?), so no worries about a wait.
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