Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Island

Merry Christmas, friends! Since a lot of people have asked me about my pink ukulele in the past, I thought I'd offer the gift of song to you all for this holiday. As you'll see from the video, I am no ukulele genius, but I do have an awful lot of fun with it. So I hope you enjoy! No matter if you have a traditional or a wacky or a non-observing day, I hope it was filled with merriment. Xoxo

As you can see from our "Christmas tree" we are a family with wacky holiday traditions. We don't do egg nog and Christmas hams, but instead we go on fantastic vacations during the holidays! Normally we wouldn't even exchange gifts, but we thought it would be fun to go buy each other some tchotchke to exchange. Thanks Real Simple Magazine for providing me with my "wrapping paper" this year... go green!

For my fellow uke enthusiasts (I'm thinking of you, Linda!):
Christmas Island chords (adapted by me from those provided here).  Also, if you aren't familiar with some of the chords, use this super awesome chart that I live by.

C F C D7
(C)How’d you like to spend (F)Christ(C)mas on Christmas (D7)Island 
G G7 C
How’d you (G)like to spend your holiday (G7)way across the (C)sea 
F C D7
How’d you like to spend (F)Christ(C)mas on Christmas (D7)Island 
G G7 C C7
How’d you (G)like to hang your stocking on a (G7)great big coconut (C)tree(C7) 

How’d you like to stay (F)up late like the islanders (C)do 
D7 G G7
Wait for Santa to (D7)sail in with his (G)presents in a (G7)canoe 
F C D7
How’d you like to spend (F)Christ(C)mas on Christmas (D7)Island 
G G7 C

You will (G)never stray for every day your (G7)Christmas dreams come (C)true!
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