Sunday, December 11, 2011

minnie mouse dress

Are you more t-shirt or dress, big red Minnie Mouse garment? Doesn't matter. You're perfect for throwing on with tights and boots. You keep me warm but you don't constrict me. I could do the twist in you all day long. Thanks for being a friend.

Dress: thrift store
Boots: Underground Atlanta
Scarf: France
I notice a trend in myself where I stop blogging as much in the winter. I think it's a mix of being sloth-like in the cold, and the lack of satisfactory daylight by the time I get off work. Perfect circumstances for browsing all your blogs underneath my electric blanket, but not so great for setting up tripods and photographing myself in my dusky apartment. I did manage to get the photos above with the help of a neighbor's car and some interesting sharp afternoon light.

Stay warm, lovelies <3
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