Monday, November 28, 2011

the only thanksgiving dress you'll need

Nice and baggy, yet made of warm chocolate corduroy, it has to be my favorite dress. And I'm a woman of many dresses. I have to practice restraint not to wear it several times a week; It's perfect for every day, all the time, even sleeping. Feeling a little chunky, or planning to after a thanksgiving feast? Well, it's perfect for that occasion too.


This dress is one of the few not-dirt-cheap things I bought for myself in China. I did most of my shopping at places you can barter, little shops or stands where I'd spend something like 50-70RMB for a dress (7-10USD). The dress above, however, I bought in a shopping mall, at this ultra cute girlie shop called Honey. It was more like... 200RMB (30USD). I LOVED the clothes at Honey. They were always very feminine, yet kind of dust-bowl farm girl looking. Unfortunately, they were also expensive in Chinese prices. I brought home 2 pieces by them, but drooled over dozens.

Here it is in action this Thanksgiving...

          Sitting with the lovely sister                                       helping to cook by stirring that for 5 seconds. 

I hope your meals were as tasty, and your waistlines as forgiving as mine were this year! Thanks for all the comments on my last post. You lovely readers and your inspirational blogs are some of the things I counted among my blessings this holiday. <3

P.S. Does anyone know anything about Honey? I can't find a website. The tag on the dress says "Cinema Club" but all I can find in searches is this Chictopia post.
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