Friday, November 18, 2011

Plain jane

Oversize Lacoste: Thrifted at Clothing Warehouse warehouse
Sweatpant jeggings: Festivity
Bow, circle scarf, slipper shoes: China

Yet another frumpy chic teacher outfit.

On mornings when you awake with swollen eyelids and a general need for comfort, reach for the faux glasses and the big slipper shoes. Oversize Lacoste sweaters will keep you cozy and ready to play polo at a moment's notice. Drink plenty of tea and practice calming breathing exercises. Stretch aching thigh muscles often. Count banana colored leaves on the playground. Count blessings. Repeat.

I love this gigantic bow my chinese BFF gave me for my birthday. I'm not sure it's as acceptable in America for a woman in her 20s to wear such a childish accessory, but sometimes I just can't resist. 
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