Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Gray skirt: Dug up from storage; I think it was a Clothing Warehouse Warehouse find.
Boots: Underground ATL
Crop top and scarf: China
Crochet knee socks: Target 

I'm beginning to see the small results of yoga and kung fu; once touching my toes was a distant fantasy and now I reach them with ease. And balancing on one foot has become an activity that can last more than a few seconds. I hope this balance will spill out into other aspects of my life; i.e. MY APARTMENT.

One wonderful thing about having all my old clothes dug up from storage is access to old favorites. This gray skirt with its bell shape and deep pockets has more structure than I am accustomed to wearing lately, but structure is just what I need. It's a bit of my old self paired with a bit of my new self, a crop top purchased in China. Voila: Balance.

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