Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wonderfully witchy

How I love to wade in a sea of fabric all day! Oversize scarf, oversize sweater, loose cotton dress... It makes me feel wonderfully witchy when paired with my lace-up boots. I can hide in these safe folds and spy on the outside world as much as I please. I'm still a young witch, though, so I make sure to remember my gold leopard leggings.

Leggings and boots: Underground Atlanta
Dress: H&M (in China)
Oversize cardigan: Stolen from mom
Oversize scarf: bought in France
The boots and leggings are both from shops in Underground Atlanta which I feel really bad for not knowing the exact names of. I know UA might seem rough around the edges or too touristy and cheesy, but I swear by their accessories and shoes! Ghetto fabulousness is still fabulous; they always have that little bit of sparkle you're looking for, and so cheap! I can't vouch for the quality of everything, but these leggings are going on their third season with me... and being a member of my wardrobe is no gentle experience.


As a "teacher" outfit (this distinction is beginning to fade), these clothes fulfilled all my requirements: Comfortable, modest, and fun... As a teacher of small ones, you WILL have your clothes pulled on, you WILL be occasionally groped, and you WILL spend much of your day squatting to talk to short people. You might also get to run around and maybe even climb something if you're lucky. There are many things to worry about throughout the day, and inadvertently flashing one of these short people shouldn't be one of them. I'd love to wear pencil skirts, but not here I'm afraid; I'm bag lady all the way!


Georgians-- How amazing is this 76 degree weather for Thanksgiving?? Everyone else-- Hope you're finding your own special ways to stay cozy and content this week. XOXO
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