Friday, November 4, 2011

Knitiful -- the hem, the boots, the knit

A teacher outfit featuring some of my favorite things this chilly season: Long hemline with tall boots, knits, scarves. I found this long yellow skirt at a church garage sale in Cincinnati amongst wide brimmed hats and bold costume jewelry galore.

Crayon yellow skirt
long as a giraffe's neck and
warm like easy mac.



Knit skirt from Cincinnati church yard sale
Lace up boots from Underground Atlanta shop
Old gray shirt
Knit vest given to me by a friend
faux fur circle scarf from China
It certainly is pitiful the way I use our class camera to sneak pictures of my clothes during down time. When dressed in shoulder-to-ankle knit, I guess that makes me knitiful (I deserve to lose some readers for that one). Stay cozy this weekend!
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