Friday, October 28, 2011


I fell in love with this photograph the second I saw it on my tumblr dashboard (via iamfrombarcelona) and couldn't wait to try it for myself. I just love the way the yellow collar is poking out of the dark blue sweatshirt, both for visual pop and the nerdy schoolboy connotation (I love dressing like a nerdy schoolboy teacher sometimes, though a slightly older coworker said "I think I wore that exact outfit when I was in 8th grade!").

Usually I'm not a fan of layering sweaters because they have to have perfect proportions or else look unflattering and bulky, but I admire this combo on so many other people, I decided to give it another try. My version doesn't have the amazing pattern on her collar, nor the amazing lips with which to boast a lovely deep lipstick shade (I actually am wearing a deep maroonish brownish lipstick but my lips are so razor thin the camera can't even pick it up!)

Image Source

My version.

Sweater: $1 at a roadside sale in N.C.!
Blouse underneath: Love Culture
Brown schoolboy shoes: Last Chance Thrift Store
Pants: they're like sweat pant jeggings. I got them at Festivity in Virginia Highlands for 50% off with Scoutmob! Most comfortable pants in the world, I want to go back and get them in brown!!

Overall I was satisfied with this outfit! I'm picky about what I wear to teach in, and this fulfilled all my requirements. I'm sure I'll wear a variation of it again sometime, when the nerdy schoolboy within needs another day out. Could be as soon as this weekend!!
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