Tuesday, October 25, 2011

China Archives : October 25th, 2010

I love any excuse to talk about China.

Which is why this China Archives thing might become a frequent occurrence!

When I look back on these pictures I think... "I can't believe I'm not there right now."

I also think... "What am I wearing?"

I love reviewing the outfits I wore. I can still remember exactly what I was thinking when I made certain choices, like "I want to wear these tough new boots!" And in some cases it's interesting to see the unintentional absorption of my surrounding trends, i.e. "I'll top it off with a neat little ballerina bun and a girlie bow!" (I still go for the bows... have for a long time... but I've accepted that neat structured hair styles are not for me).

Black boots: China
over-garment thing: Love Culture
Vintage silk undershirt
Betsey Johnson bag
Leopard leggings from Underground Atlanta.

I wouldn't wear this outfit again. The hair is all wrong and I think it's just too young. But it was perfect for going out to "play" with my new friends; Chinese people are so cute sometimes by saying "play" when a better word would be "hang out" :)

Don't I look like a goliath next to them? I swear I'm only 5'4.

Then there's sweet S and her birthday!


It was one of the first nights I really felt like I had a "group of friends" to do awesome chinese things with like hot-pot eating and KTV (karaoke). She's still my Chinese BFF and I send loving vibes her way! Too bad she'll never get to see this blog without a VPN... oh China.

And last of all, an outfit I absolutely WOULD wear again, messy high bun and all:


I still feel like the person in that photo, though she probably doesn't feel like me... for one, she couldn't imagine WANTING to be in China. Yet I miss it so much lately! It's bittersweet going through the old photos, reliving last October. I hope it won't be my last and only one there. Do you pine for any foreign places?
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