Monday, October 3, 2011

China Archives : October 1st, 2010

I thought it might be fun to do some archiving of my year in China, where I had a job teaching English to adorable kindergartners (and some primary students too). It's a "lost" year of Zombie Lace due to the blockage of Blogger, so I wrote a China blog (May Go Wren) instead. I've been back in America for about 3 months, but I still spend a lot of my time reflecting on China; Fall is so bittersweet for me in that way, making me wistful for old friends and old haunts. 

The following is taken from the original May Go Wren... a Wordpress blog... that was later also blocked, leading me to the ultimate Weebly one:

It’s National Holiday and I have a week of vacation! My passport arrived in proper China time, the DAY OF my trip to Chengdu. I have one confusing and frightening voyage to the airport in Shanghai, and then I will be amongst good friends and faux family! I have a vague understanding that we will visit some mountains and some ancient city, but I’m used to tagging along for things with Chinese people adorned with the appropriate blank expression on my face. Knowing what’s going on is overrated.

See you all in a week! I’ll tell ya all about it.

H&M Jeggings
Target blouse and flats
Betsey Johnson bag
Vintage scarf
Glasses from a Chinese fashion shop

And this is what I wore the same day this year, which I spent running errands and dropping by Down Town Decatur for a King of Pops salted chocolate popsicle. My friend, (we can call her the Princess of Pops) pushes the cart and sells the frozen treats around town. She was kind enough to snap a few of these photos:

Floral maxi skirt: thrift store in NC
Crop top: China
Mustard sweater: China
 Boots: shop in Underground Atlanta
Fur purse: someone's souvenir from Scotland, given to me :). 
I suppose some things don't change; like a penchant for hiding behind big florals and fake glasses, while other things do: I feel like where you live strongly influences your mode of dress, or at least that's true for me! China has a lot of super feminine details and a fancy polished-ness allover, and I definitely started to absorb some of that by October of last year. 

Have you ever noticed your style evolving as you settle into a new place?
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