Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chuck Town Loves

Hot tea, Indian food, shopping, old friends... just a few of my favorite things, and last weekend was full of them! On a beautiful whim, my two gal pals from Charleston decided to trek out to Atlanta for a visit, and I am so glad they did. They were perfect house guests and terrific company for strolling around the Atlanta neighborhoods, snapping pictures. (The picture snapping was done mostly by Rachel, who is an amazing photographer and has her own lovely blog here).

There's really too much wonderful about a laid back autumn weekend spent with gals like these, I can't put it all in to words. Instead, here's a few snaps of 24 hours:


Hot tea at Java Lords in Little 5. Don't you love B's hair flower?
Recognize these heels? Well I ended up giving them to her because she looked so dang foxy in them.
More hot tea back at the nest, resting our aching walking feet.

Wine and instax mini.
A moment for jumping on the best walk home ever. 
Rachel's necklace: Libertine in Little 5. Bought that afternoon... I might have to go get myself one!
Blouse: Fish Boutique in Little 5. Also bought that afternoon :)

I hope I'll see my Chuck Town loves again soon! 
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