Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brock Cassidie

One highlight of a weekend filled with highlights: A visit to Brock Cassidie Salon and a fancy Old Hollywood hairdo to sport all day!  My sister chose this adorable Buckhead salon to ensure beautifully primped bridesmaids on her big day. And lucky me! I got to tag along to the trial run to see what the stylists over at Brock Cassidie are made of. 

First thing to note about the salon is the location: on a side street in Buckhead, where the charming little houses are home to several businesses. 

The interior was equally charming, with lovely little touches of color and whimsy.

Our fearless stylist, Rheanna didn't even bat an eye at the bedraggled state of my hair. 

From "Good Gracious!"

She flung her bobby pins and whipped her curler about, and tamed these unruly strands into gentle, cascading curls. 

To Grace Kelly :)

And my beautiful sister was somehow made even more radient by Rheanna's expert makeup job! I sincerely tried to absorb tips as I watched her, but some things are just a gift. 

We were utterly transformed, and our day was, too! Thanks Rheanna and Brock Cassidie Salon!

Shirt: world's easiest DIY crop top
Skirt: jazz skirt, swapped
flats: China

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