Friday, September 16, 2011

good morning, children

We just completed our 12th day of school, yet this is the first time I am sharing a "teacher" outfit. 
Maybe this is because the first few days I limited myself to a uniform of bermuda shorts, a blouse, and ballet flats. I was eager to make a good impression on parents and coworkers, and I like how these professional looks make me feel so competent and counteract my naturally young looks. But they also kind of bore me after awhile. 

As I'm getting more settled in my school routine, I find myself more confident about expressing myself sartorially. This seems to be a habit of mine when adapting to a new setting, and I don't think it's a bad one; I just keep my weirdness contained while everyone gets to know me, then slowly let it seep out as time progresses!

First thing in the morning, before the hustle and bustle begin.

On the playground, after our busy day.

Later shopping in Underground Atlanta with a friend. Changed into these bridesmaid shoes to force myself to practice. It didn't go well. 

100% thrifted!
Lace blouse: Last Chance thrift store Decatur, GA
High waisted denim skirt: thrift store Franklin, NC
Denim tote: Humane Society thrift store Franklin, NC
Flats: Target brand, thrift store Cincinnati, OH
Ribbon for a belt.
Feather in hair: a playground gift ;)

Thanks to my pal Billie Joy for snapping my pic (except the first blurry timer pic)
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