Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the heidi

Made my first attempt at a hairstyle I've been fawning all over since last summer: The romantic, chic, playful, sweet, perfect Heidi braid. My hair isn't as long as would be ideal, but with the help of these two youtube tutorials (the second by fellow blogger Aya of Strawberry Koi), I managed it.

This one is really good and makes a super pretty braid, but my hair wasn't quite long enough to start the braid low and close to the nape of the neck like she directs. Tips I did take: Braiding a bit more loose and messy, using your fingers to loosen up the hair at the scalp, using your finger as a braid-folding tool, pinning down the puffy bit behind the ear when done. (I actually just discovered she has a pretty amazing blog, too, which I intend to follow here).

This video by Aya is also really good, especially if you have shorter hair. She shows you how to start the braid closer to your ear and gives good tips on the best types of bobby pins.

It took me about 4 tries and 45 minutes to get a heidi braid I am satisfied with, combining wisdom from both of these ladies' generous gift of youtube knowledge. I want to know... how did anyone ever learn to do anything before internet?? Wish I had better pics to share of my final product. Commence Photo Booth parade!

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