Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding Day -- Shoe Edition

Just a quick post because today is my sister's WEDDING DAY!

Some of you may have been following my bridesmaid shoe saga: my mission to learn to walk like an adult in these bamboo heels.  Well having failed to practice, a few weeks ago I lost courage and bought these AMAZING wedges from a shop in Underground Atlanta. They're really tall and easy to walk in and we are virtually inseparable.

Then disaster struck. My poor sister bride fell down some stairs a few weeks before her big day. Thankfully the damage was minimized to a torn ligament, but still. Gone are her dreams of floating down the aisle in sparkly Enzo Angiolini heels. But being the practical bride she is, rather than let it ruin her day, she has opted for the next best thing: Sparkly Toms!

ani gif maker
Ani gif maker

Being the good, sweet, empathic maid of honor I am, a day before the wedding I went out and bought my THIRD pair of wedding shoes. My very own Toms (my first pair). We shall both be walking down the aisle in sparkly humanitarian flat comfortable glory.

Now for yummy bridesmaid brunch at Einsteins in Midtown!
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