Wednesday, September 14, 2011

feeling foodie

Maybe I'm hanging out with too many food bloggers, or reading too much Asian Cajuns (who are seamlessly merging their amazing outfit posts with delicious bites around town), but I've had the impulse to photograph my meals lately.

After our strenuous day of beautification at Brock Cassidie, our ever generous mother took my sister and me out to lunch at Anis Cafe and Bistro in Buckhead.

Their outdoor patio combined with refreshing white wine was a thing of perfection this late summer day.

I had a delicious croque salmon with sweet tomato, soft goat cheese, roasted Bermuda onion, and capers. The soup du jour was some yummy squash soup.

Upon hearing it was a special occasion (when is having beautiful wedding-day hair and makeup done not an occasion?), our sweet waitress brought us a much un-needed sampler plate of deserts. The tiny bites of creme brulee were made right in the spoons... they were so good, they didn't survive long enough for a photo!
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