Monday, August 29, 2011

under the weather

Time to put on my silk robe and float around the apartment on a cloud of self pity and Theraflu, pausing to sigh in every room. This is one of the only times I allow myself the shoe normally shunned from my closet: the flip flop. I don't have the energy to get into it now, but let's just say this footwear and I are longstanding enemies. I refuse to wear them. Perhaps out of spite.

Although on the other hand, these I bought yesterday from the Anne Taylor Loft outlet are actually pretty cute (for flip flops). Something about the dainty little detail of a bow allows them to pass my test. It could be the cough syrup talking, but I might even consider wearing these out in public someday.

Until then... Nothing to do now but take self portraits and drink every liquid in the apartment and tell unpacking it will have to wait just a bit longer.

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