Monday, January 30, 2012

lbvd - little black velvet dress

I love everything about this little black velvet dress from Festivity... particularly the part where I got it for 20% off! It has the sweetest little shape with an open back and exposed zipper.  The only thing wrong with it? Not enough occasions to wear it. 

Playing with color is fun with a black dress, so I paired it with my favorite shade of lavender lace bra and green tights. A Chinese friend gave me the latter straight from her shop, deeming the hue "unacceptable" to Chinese girls. Fine by me! 

Velvet dress from Festivity in Virginia Highlands
Lavender lace bra from American Apparel 
Green tights from China
Golden snitch necklace, gift from my sister
Black bracelet from a friend's give-away pile.

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