Friday, January 6, 2012

back to blizzards

Okay, there weren't exactly BLIZZARDS greeting me upon my return to Atlanta... but after being in Florida for two weeks, that's kinda how it felt! So I had to bundle up. Sweet cheap accessories of Asia, I thank you for aiding me in this time of need.




Hat bought in Seoul, Korea.
Glasses from Sears??
Angora granny sweater from a thrift store. Can't remember which one!
Boy's shirt (worn underneath) given to me by someone at school.
Drop crotch pants, fur collar, fingerless gloves all bought in China.
Minnetonka fringe moccasin boots.

These are my numba one stunna pants. I haven't photographed them much before, but I will confess they are rarely absent from my weekly rotation. I bought them in China and they have been my go to lazy-pants every season since. I love the drop crotch and the droopy pockets and getting to feel a bit like a genie. They can be worn to yoga, or paired with some boots for a cool, militaristic running around town look. Basically, they're perfect.

The moccasins were a gift to myself in Florida. I know, it's perfectly normal to buy some eskimo looking boots while visiting a tropical wonderland. Whatever. Minnetonka shoes are something I plan to continually wear to shreds for the rest of my life. Do you have any "old faithful" garments like that?
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