Thursday, January 19, 2012

my heart runneth over-- teacher outfit

I'm going to sound like such a sap, but did you know I have the best job ever? In my world, one must dress prepared for impromptu dance parties and sneak-attack hugs. And sometimes a combination of the two. Today was one of those days I thought my heart was going to leap straight out of my chest and swallow everyone up, it was so full of love. How fitting that I wore my dorky little patchwork hearts sweater on such a day! To accompany it, the pants I can only describe as "sweatings", a chimera of jeans and sweatpants offering the necessary freedom of movement for Russian dance kicks and squatting low to boogie with small ones. Hope you all found something to love today <3

Patchwork hearts knit sweater from Last Chance Thrift Store
Sweatings/jeggings/pants from Festivity
Boots from Underground Atlanta
Collared blouse (underneath) free from university give-away pile.
Brown ribbon in hair.

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