Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ellis island chic

I think I need to take it more seriously when my outfits inspire comments like "You're looking very Russian Immigrant today." I'm the first to admit that I can't resist a long hemline, or that wrapping a scarf around one's head sounds like a perfectly acceptable way to keep warm to me... but I should probably be mindful that I am treading on dangerous ground when I throw fingerless gloves into the mix. All I can really say when faced with all this logic is, whateva. Babushkas can be hot. And these clothes just happen to be perfect for chasing down children all day. Russian grannies know wussup!

Russian immigrant sisters at Ellis Island circa 1906 (source) and myself circa 2012. Ok I am beginning to see the resemblance...



Hat and dress (worn as shirt) bought in Korea
Skirt: Vintage, I think bought at Clothing Warehouse warehouse
Thrift store tights
Minnetonka fringe trampers
Fingerless gloves a gift from my ma
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