Wednesday, August 24, 2011

atlanta farm girl daydreams


Did you know there is a place right outside Atlanta where you can live out those fantasies of being a farm girl from another era? (I can't be the only one with this delusion)... It's called Serenbe, and it's complete with rustic barns and an old swingset. As they describe themselves in their twitter profile they're an "1,000 acre sustainable residential community just southwest of Atlanta with organic farm, three restaurants, art galleries and boutiques." The organic farm features goats, an overweight pig, and some unfortunate looking chickens with raw bottoms..  I tried to ignore the featherless bums and pretended I was Fern from Charlotte's web for the afternoon.

I talked to the animals... 

Sat in window seats and read stories...

And of course there was field-running and tree-climbing.

blouse and bow: China
70s prairie skirt: Clothing Warehouse warehouse (East Point, Atlanta)
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC
Clutch: Thrifted in Atlanta
Betsey Johnson shades: Found them in my car... if they're yours just let me know!

lovely sister

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend eating fresh food and wandering down gravel paths with my loved ones. If you want a day off from the city grind, this is a lovely place for a day trip, and even lovelier for a weekend away, I'm sure!
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