Thursday, August 11, 2011

the shorts, the shoes, the sun

Shorts: thrift store (NC)
Crop top: China
Moccasins: Cherokee, NC
Fray bans: China
Bless you, Floridian August afternoons. I can think of no better way to blow a kiss goodbye to summer than to spend a few days with your oldest friends at the beach (one of whom was kind enough to use her fancy iphone to snap my picture). This is a yearly tradition since high school, and in subtle ways I can see how we've grown! For one, our grocery cart was full of grape tomatoes and whole wheat pasta instead of ramen noodles and frozen pizza. Two, we lathered on 50 spf instead of taking our chances for a tan. And then there was one whole night where we didn't stay out til 4am! What changes will I record in 6 more years I wonder? Do you have any longstanding traditions with your childhood friends?
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