Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shoe love conquers all

It even conquers my usual thriftiness when it comes to dropping serious dough on unessential items.

Enter: The Lita (by Jeffrey Campbell). I first noticed this mammoth of a shoe on Twitch Vintage's blog here, and they have been dancing through my head like glittery bone-crushing sugar plumbs ever since.

source: solestruck
They come in countless colors and designs, but I like these ones that look like they were made out of an old musty carpet bag. There's something delightfully witchy about them for Fall. My finger is hovering over the trigger button, ready to BUY BUY BUY! But this annoying side of my brain who calls herself Practicality keeps reminding me that they cost over $100 and might not fit in well in a 3rd grade classroom. And I'm saying to her "But But But... there's always weekends and after school and I can always bring a change of flats along with me!"

Oh what to do, what to do?
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