Friday, March 27, 2009

I look better in inky technicolor

I know I have already raved about the genius that is the Argentinean high-fashion artist Andy K, but I  just have to do it again. Not only did he paint me this wonderful portrait, but he has also been busy in the lab producing even more of his amazing, expressive, colorful art.

I absolutely love my portrait, particularly the Coca-Cola reflected in my glasses which is very fitting for my Atlanta roots. I also dig the pale colors and the combination of pink with red which is one of those color-combo faux-pas that I love to flout in my wardrobe from time to time. 

His newest stuff is somewhat different from the peices I featured in my Delicious Brains post about him. I like the scrolls of writing on these with the simple sentences, as well as the bird-cage motif. They almost feel like old gothic advertisements for a freak show, and the subjects feel as trapped and desperate as I imagine those performers would have felt, constantly isolated and on display.

Notice the smear of red, like blood, in the bird-cage and the speech-bubble containing not words, but a bird. The subject is practically disappearing in the violence and rage of the colors that consume him. Absolutely stunning. 

This one is very interesting, a bit more hopeful than the previous as the subject is strong and un-caged with a kind of serene look of satisfaction on his face. I wonder what the significance of having the clock inside the cage is?

The drummer in this one reminds me of the subject of the first painting. The cage still appears in this one but this time it is the drum containing a butterfly. I love how the woman's face is turned away from us, perhaps towards the caged butterfly, and how the sentence contained in the scroll is abruptly cut off mid-sentence. I can definitely feel the chaos and frustration in this one.

I'm no art-critic but I do enjoy analyzing art... mostly I just use the skills I have from studying literature and apply them, but do any true art academics out there have any opinions on these pieces? I think they definitely leave one with a lot to think about. 

This was just a small sample of Andy K's impressive portfolio. If you're intrigued, be sure to check out the rest of it on his flickr! You can also see the interview I did with him in the beginning of February here. Also, if you have anything you would like to submit to the DELICIOUS BRAINS segment of the Zombie Lace blog, I am always looking for poetry, short fiction, art, reviews, and anything creative of yours to share with the world... or at least to share with my readers, but it's a start, right??


Edit 3:45pm on Monday: Andy just informed me that he will be selling prints and originals of his work, so now you really must check out his flickr! Send him a flickrmail or leave a comment on a particular piece to work something out with him.

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