Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attention Atlanta Vintage Lovers

Vintage sale at 600 Memorial on the corner of Memorial and Boulevard, Thursday-Saturday starting at 10:00 am!!!

I love days that remind me that I really do have guardian angels, and that they want me to be well dressed. Today I was with my buddy Leon and we happened to drive by people setting up what looked like AMAZING clothing in the parking lot of an abandoned tire store called “Blessing Tires.”

Turns out, it was Clara Jackson and her son unloading vintage things from her warehouses; 

(the lovely Mz. Jackson)

She used to own a vintage shop on Edgewood and is now officially leaving the vintage business and getting rid of all her stuff. Out of her truck. On the corner of Memorial and Boulevard. Just waiting for the chance antique clothing fancier to drive by! It's like a lemonade stand, but much tastier.

Everything is between 5 and 20 dollars and she will be returning to that spot every day until everything is gone. It makes me sad that she is closing up shop for good... she started this project as soon as the economy took its turn for the worse, and she and her son couldn’t be nicer! He was picking things out to show me and  being my official zipper-upper and outfit-complimenter. I walked away with a wallet somewhat lighter in bills and arms somewhat heavier in vintage treasures. A trade I was happy to make.

Here is some of the stuff I came away with:

Brown canvas little-girl dress. I am going to wear it as a shirt.

40’s-50’s sailor inspired blue cotton dress.

Red sequined 80’s mini dress. I need a red dress for a Chinese wedding. This may be it!

20’s summer hat.

Blue and white striped purse.

Vintage earrings.

Hurry! It’s on the corner of Memorial and Boulevard in Down Town Atlanta!

Hat: Vintage, Blessing Tires Memorial and Blvd

White tank: Remixed.

Pants: Thrifted several years ago. I rolled them up a few inches when I was inspired by Painfully Hip's post about harem pants.

Purse: Vintage, Blessing Tires Memorial and Blvd.

Vintage penny loafers: Thrifted.

Belt: Antique.

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