Friday, March 13, 2009

Shorts and Sailors

There's nothing like fashion to solidify my belief in the Collective Unconscious. Isn't it crazy the way fads catch on simultaneously and globally with people not even sure where their inspiration is coming from? I have been dreaming up this post about my enthusiasm for shorts and sailor inspired blouses for the summer, and low and behold, two of my fellow bloggers Liebemarlene and StrawberryKoi have recently posted about similar fetishes! I thought about scratching my post altogether, but then decided that if these fashionable ladies are posting about it I must be on the right track!

Lately I have been pining over true vintage shorts, the high-waisted butt-hugging ones from the 30's to the 50's. I mean, look how good these Flickr stars look in their adorable shorts outfits!

Sally Jane from Sally Jane Vintage
Johanni and La Meow (I know I feature her all the time, but it's not my fault that she's just too damn cool!)

I did a frustrated Ebay and Etsy search before realizing that buried somewhere in my summer wardrobe bin I actually already have a pair of short high-waisted shorts in a cute loud checkered pattern! They aren't vintage (I got them at Forever 21 last summer) which is probably why they were so forgettable to me, but despite being newly manufactured they still capture the vintage feel that appeals to me so much.
Polo: It's Adult Swim, super sweet astronomer gave it to me today.
Tie: It's a cloth belt that came with something else.
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: This is the other pair of T-Straps I mentioned, Unisa thrifted in Cincinnati.

Maybe I like the little vintage shorts look so much because of my deep seated love for Pin-Ups... there's something about the dissarmingly sexy-innocence of the shorts that just screams "Masturbate to this boys on the front-lines!"

"Come home soon, fellas!"          "O-lah from Or-lando, gwa-poes!"

"He he, wish I was riding you... they made me take this to the factory to melt down for parts!"

"My, your Unit has such big rockets! Hehe!"

Haha, I know those are ridiculous but they are the best captions I could come up with. If you have a funny caption idea I'll put it up here! 

Don't mean to overwhelm you with T&A, but EVERYbody likes a patriotic well developed young lady, it's like loving America: besides spring and summer and shedding out of all this winter stuff is on my mind, which makes me think of blueberry lemonades on Six Feet Under's outdoor roof patio and flirty 50's cut-offs and red red lipstick.


It seems like every generation has gotten its taste of the sailor blouse on girls in fashion, all the way from the Edwardian period to 1950's sophisticate. 

Sailor looks good on everybody! Put it on your baby, put it on your girlfriend, put it on your middle school teachers...

And our generation is lucky enough to be able to dabble in all of these as well as make it our own!

Of course another part of my attraction to the Sailor Pinup Shorts Thing is due to my life-long love of the musical South Pacific, where Mitzi Gaynor runs around in the most adorable little shorts of all time

 and then dons a sailor outfit for the base talent show.

I think I've mentioned before that I got a lot of my best vintage pieces when I was little. Well, when I was about 10, I did Mitzi's song "Honey Bun" from the musical for a camp talent show, and me and my parents were perusing some antique shop along the way when we found me my own actual vintage sailor uniform for my costume! Of course back then it was huge on me like hers is in the movie, but now my blouse fits me pretty nicely (people really were smaller back then, men included!).
Photobucket    Photobucket

Sailor shirt: Antique
Scarf: Antique.
Shorts: F21
Blue pumps: Thrifted.
Clutch: Vintage.

Before dropping cash you don't have on the Summer fads, think recession and start with the recesses of your own closet!
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