Saturday, May 26, 2012

paisley summer

Most of my outfits these days seem to receive the label "teacher outfit", but with the end of the school year approaching quickly, I thought it high time to start sporting some summer weekend ware! 

Paisley granny shorts from a thrift store
Black crop top from China, tucked in
Ribbon for a belt
These shorts were from a little thrift store in East Point kind of near the East Point Marta station. I just stumbled in there one day and beheld a sparkling promised land of patterned high-waisted granny shorts for about a dollar apiece. I'm wearing a crop top kind of messily tucked in. This was the perfect outfit for sunny bike rides and margaritas with someone special!

Roxy Habana sandals
Thanks to everyone who keeps up with my blog, even when I don't; somehow, having a smart phone and instagram has brought about a kind of instant-gratification laziness. I won't let it win.
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