Friday, May 11, 2012

put a sock in it.

Your hair, that is. 

A friend told me about this super easy trick to get a perfect ballerina bun and easy curls. Wear the bun all day then take it down to have lustrous curls for the evening. Or wear the bun out at night, sleep in it, and enjoy bouncing curls the next day! 

1. Cut off the tube part of a tube sock and roll up into a donut shape. 
2. Place sock around end of pony tail and slowly roll it up towards your head.
3. Fold hair into sock as you roll, creating the same donut shape with your hair.
4. Voila! You have a perfect bun! 
5. Take the bun out many hours later to enjoy cascading curls.

I prefer putting the bun near the crown of my head, so I start with a very high pony tail and slightly damp hair. I wore the bun at work all day and slept in it, which is surprisingly comfortable. 

Once in the hair-down phase, I actually found my curls a little too 80s full (I have very thick hair, this might not happen with all hair types), so I pulled them back with a ribbon for a tamer feel. I am so full of ideas now for different ways to use this trick; Like using multiple child's socks for tighter curls, or starting with a side pony or pigtails!

I hope you will try out the sock bun and let me know how it goes.
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