Monday, May 7, 2012

festive, or how another sunhat came into my life

The school I work at was silver for the local neighborhood festival and parade that took place. I took the theme seriously from tiptop to toenail. 

It's magical to wake up one morning and walk out your front door to find your quiet sunny neighborhood transformed into a bustling market. When not participating in school fun and painting the faces of adorable youngsters, I wandered around the booths. My favorites were one selling raw crystals and gems for about a dollar apiece, and another boasting "packable" sun hats located directly outside my yard. 

On the first day, the packable hat lady wouldn't bargain with me, but I was not discouraged. I lay patiently in wait, my floppy be-ribboned prey in sight. As she was packing up on Sunday, I ran across my yard and asked for a last minute end-of-festival deal; One more wide-brimmed sunhat became mine. 

Hope you wake up to a little magic in your front yard!

Silver nails with a sparkle accent.

The cutest Power Ranger.

Lovely packable hats.



Gourd face.

New hat <3

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