Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Instant gratitude

Lately my heart feels like it's overflowing with all my good fortune and blessings.

The most generous birthday present I have ever received, the iPhone 4S is completely changing my relationship with media. The last two weeks have almost been tiring with the onslaught of notifications and all my different internet personas coming to a head.

If you follow me on tumblr or flickr, you've probably noticed that one of my favorite features of my new toy is the camera; and the ease with wich the pictures are shared! I've loved being able to take quick pics of my outfits and accessories and share them right away. Even more than that, I've loved putting them on Instagram, where I can also see what other people are looking at and doing and the beautiful ways in which they compose their images.

Here are a few of the images from early on in my iPhone and Instagram career. Enjoy!

Deer poncho from china
F21 jeans
boots from ??? 
Outfit for Holeman and Finch (a fancy restaurant for cocktails and snacks).
Rainbow puff pocket pants
F21 sequin top
Wedges from Underground Atlanta

Holeman and Finch details: Bee ring from boutique in Florida, vintage clutch, sequin top from F21
Goofing off in my grandmother's old wig and some lens-less glasses.

Braids for days.

Fried green tomato glory at One Eared Stag

A Minnetonka kinda day.

<3 Tate <3

Do any of you have Instagram accounts? If so, please share your username; I would love to follow you!
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