Friday, April 20, 2012

Lacy Little Evening Gem

Look at this adorable teacup lady in her sheer lace blouse and granny shorts and stocking feet! This is Ramona, the voice and face of Nite Jewel.  And this is how she pranced around the stage with her hair everywhere, making us all nod our heads to her ethereal poppy electronic beats and kinda reminding me of Madonna but a little sweeter. She was even sweet enough to indulge me to take a quick pic of her outfit. Her top is from Edith and Daha in NYC and her shorts are from American Rag. I like how she layers the former over a plain black bra; chic and precious. And all vintagely green! It was girl crush at first sight <3

Check out this surreal and awesome video for her song One Second of Love, complete with a creepy sister-wife choreographed dance and drunken housewife orgy. 

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