Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Festive Days

This was a weekend dominated by the glorious Inman Park Festival in one of the cutest neighborhoods in Atlanta. I didn't do much shopping, but I did do a lot of style-spying on the unwitting well-dressed locals. On saturday, I wore my 1950's gingham romper with some silly sunglasses with ants crawling on them. I got lots of compliments (well, I guess I'm taking them as compliments) that I looked like a picnic. 
Vintage romper: Found in Cincinnati.
Belt: Came with another dress.
Scarf: Antique.
Earrings: Blessing Tires parking lot.
Sandals: Given to me by my roomate. I WAS wearing super hot wedges, but they were not so comfortable for walking around in a crowded hot place with a tummy full of beer.
Sunglasses: Gift from my aunt.
Purse: Thrifted

Saturday I mostly drank expensive beers with my astronomer and watched the amazing musical stylings of Batata Doce. They played their jazz/latin/alternative tunes on the WonderRoot stage, and in fact, I hardly had to leave my chair to take my sneaky pictures of the fashionable characters and the just plain characters.
I think this girl looks super cute, I especially love the little heart painted on her cheek!

I noticed a lot of really long hems on women this weekend.

Plain old fashioned adorableness never goes out of style!

Batata Doce was so good, they attracted an elf all the way from the North Pole on this hot April day!

And even some of the band members themselves looked great! 

The lead singer Leticia ALWAYS looks adorable at their shows (even though she wears that dress a lot), and today was no exception. Justin the bass player didn't look too bad himself, and I quite approved of his socks with sneakers look. (Pssst, Atlanta locals! Give Batata Doce a listen on myspace, and if you like what you hear be sure to attend their show tonight at 529 in East Altanta! Come up and say Hi to me and I'll buy you a beer.) 

On the walk home, we ran into a yardsale where I picked up a few vintage goodies including a red lacy slip and this cute indian-print prairie style skirt that I wore to the festival on Sunday. I had to improvise Sunday's outfit somewhat because I didn't go home Saturday night, but I'm pretty satisfied with it for stylin' on the fly! 
Skirt: yardsale in Inman park.
T-shirt: borrowed from the astronomer.
Key pin: Antique from Louisville.
Gingham pins: Actually the earrings I wore the day before pinned to the scarf.

And that was my festive filled weekend. Next up? East Atlanta Beer Festival on May 30th! Anyone else hitting/loving the outdoor festival trail lately?
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